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      cylinder lock
      Aluminum Handle with rosette
      Zamak Handle
      lock body
      lock protected cap
      Intelligent Clothes Machine
      Multifunctional Holder
      TEL:0086 577-58189827
      FAX:0086 577-58189829
      About Us

      OMEJA HARDWARE CO.,LTD,with 11years in producing and exporting for customers from Russia and Ukraine, which belongs to HONGKONG O-XU GROUP LIMITED,has OMEJA,OUDING INTERNATION TRADING company,OUXU intelligent technology company,etc.

      OUXU intelligent clothes machine is one of the main product for HongKong O-XU Group Limited. Combinated with the German's preciseness, HongKong's originality, and their persistent pursuit of perfection, the quality of OUXU products is always at a high level. All machine accessories are provided by the professional manufactureres who re perennially supplying for the world's leading brands.

      With the modern industrial design, advanced technical development and perfect service, OUXU quickly gains the favor from the users in HongKong, Macau and Taiwan, and exports to Southeast asia, the Middle East, South Korea, Russia, Australia, Canada and othe countries an regions. We try the best to provide the intellignt, modern, environmental, energy-efficient and humanized products to create a more comfortable an pleasant life for every family.

      Facing the increasingly mature domestic market of home products, OUXU Group cooprates with OMEJA Hardware Co., Ltd., to the branding strategy shift and enter the domestic market.

      Intention: Produce conscience product, provide first class servie.

      Impetuses: Technolgy leads the fashion, innovation wins the markt.

      Target: Inheriting the classics, casting the eternal.

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